Roger Gobron - Belgian painter 1899-1985


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Detail of Roger Gobron's working table










Website of the Belgian film, video and art production company Alcyon Film. When Roger Gobron died in 1985, his widow and his son found Alcyon Film, in memoriam of the painter. Alcyon Film also produced the film about his life and work and published the monograph Roger Gobron.




Website of the Belgian poet Marie-Jo Gobron (1916-2008), the spouse of Roger Gobron. Marie-Jo published her first volume of poems in 1955. Occasionally, she also created collages. In 2004 she finished a biographic novel.





Li O Lait


Website of "Li O Lait", first real coffea and thea heaven of Bruges. "Li O Lait" is located in the house where Roger Gobron lived and painted from 1962 till 1985.




Deeplink to a page about Roger Gobron on writer Daan Kolthoff's blogspot dedicated to the beret and its wearers (Roger Gobron was one of them).




Website of the Belgian distributor Exhibitions International, who distributes illustrated books on fine arts, architecture, photography, etc., and the monograph Roger Gobron.






Anne-Michèle Hamesse


Deep link to the page of the Belgian painter and novelist Anne-Michèle Hamesse on the site; Hamesse wrote the French text for the monograph Roger Gobron.




Website of the German filmproduction company Cinetick, founded by the independent filmmaker Günter Klaucke. Günter, who is also creating websites, including this site.




Website of the Musées Gaumais, which is located in the region of the Gaume, the South-East Corner of Belgium. From 26 june until 3 October 2004 an important exhibiton of Roger Gobron's work has taken place in the museum of Virton. During his childhood, from 1900 until 1911, the painter lived in the region.




Keeps track of fine art auctions, auctions houses and auctions catalogues. The site also contains biographies of artists, illustrations and signatures of artists, etc. Through the artists search engine you can find Roger Gobron.