Roger Gobron - Belgian Painter 1899-1985









1915 - 1939

1940 - 1949

1950 - 1969

1970 - 1985



The works, selected for this gallery, are chronologically classified into four groups, which figure above. Clicking on one of the groups opens a window where you can go through the works of that period. Beneath each work figures the title, the year of production, the painting technique, the size and the catalogue number. The titles of the works are in French or Dutch. The painting technique is indicated in French, while the size is in centimetres: the first figure refers to the height, the second to the width.






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Translation of the French technical terms







Aquarelle: watercolour
CamaÔeu au bistre: monochrome in bistre
CamaÔeu brun: brown monochrome
Crayon gras: waxed crayon
Crayon gras/sanguine: waxed crayon/sanguine
Encre de Chine: Chinese ink
Gouache: gouache